Is Radiation Unhealthy? (1)


What will happen if you are exposed to radiation?
If you are exposed to a large dose of radiation at once...?
What will happen if you are exposed to low dose radiation?
Mechanisms of radiation, cells and DNA.


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What will happen
@@@@@if you are exposed to radiation?

@We call being exposed to radiation, ehibakuf. Radiation harms not only to human beings but to plants, animals and all living things. The level of harm depends on the amount of radiation you receive. Since youfve already learnt how radiation is measured, letfs see what happens when people are exposed to different amounts of radiation. We use a unit called emillisievert (mSv)f here. It means one thousandth of a sievert (Sv).

As a unit for measuring radiation, we also use gmicrosievert (Sv).
It means one thousandth of a millisievert (mSv).

@ 1 (Sv) = 1,000 (mSv) = 1,000,000 (Sv)@

@What happens when radiation passes through a body? The following diagram shows the relationship between the amount of radiation and the damage it causes to people. This information was learned from records of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb victims and people who were exposed to radiation at a nuclear accident.

Radiation Damage

@As this diagram shows, if a hundred people are exposed to a radiation dose of 6000-7000mSv at once, hardly anyone would survive. Half the people would die with a radiation dose of 3000-4000mSv. The more you are exposed to radiation, the more blood you vomit, the more hair you lose, and the more blood occurs in your stools.

@Next, letfs have a look at what happens if you are exposed to a large amount of radiation at once.

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